Friday, October 17, 2008


There is a message board that I've been a part of from when I was pregnant with Hayden until now. A few years ago we did two threads called YKWIL (you know what I love) and YKWIH (you know what I hate). Hmm.. actually, maybe there was no You at the front, but whatever. You get the idea. I have pictures from two weeks ago so I thought I'd do the above while showing my pictures. Sorry, there's a ton.

YKWIL: Cupcake bites. They are from Bakerella's website and fantastic.. you make a cake (from a mix) and crumble it up after it's cooled.. and mix in a container of cream cheese frosting. Shape into balls and let them firm up in the freezer.. then dip and decorate. YUM!
YKWIL: That Aubrey and the boys helped me make all these. I dipped, Aubrey did sprinkels and the boys took turns (on their own!) putting the M&M's on.

YKWIL: I asked Carson if he wanted one and he responded by diving to the plate, open mouth and all. hehe This child is pure passion and wears it on his sleeve.
YKWIL: You can put them on sucker sticks. Really, cake on a stick=fabulousness.

YKWIH: Dropping things. Look at that face!

YKWIH: When the 10 second rule does not apply.
YKWIL: Halloween Decorations. Talk about good timing!!

YKWIL: Carson thinks he's sneaky. I had the plate out to share with neighbor kids and he went back for seconds and thirds. But while doing this he smiles :-D and moves very slowly.. He will be so sad when he finally figures out I can still see him. lol

YKWIL: Playing the piano. It's relaxing. While I don't really enjoy the fact that my children always feel inclined to play while I do, I appreciate that they enjoy music.

YKWIL: The awesome ginger cookie crisp things I purchased at Costco. YUM!! Kaitlyn likes them too. I also love her long tongue!!
YKWIL: Old pictures. Kait was playing with this picture book that was Aubrey's.. Aubs was 10 months old in this picture (so almost the same age as Kait). And look at me (I was 20)! Ahhh... love it. hehehe

YKWIL: Cute leggings and Baby feet.
YKWIL: My sweet Hayden.. he is such a nice kid. He really takes the time to think about others. And he's my EASY child. Even ask Carson.. he'll tell you Hayden rocks the house..
YKWIL: Carson's eyes. BUT.. I think they are changing from blue to green. They aren't as blue as they used to be.. Aubrey's are Green/Hazle and they changed when she just turned 2.. Carson is almost 3... odd, huh.
YKWIL: Efficientsy. Drew can mow the lawn and then give rides and make memories with the boys in under 10 minutes.
YKWIL: My kids in pajamas.
YKWIL: Pirates.

YKWIL: Pink and Brown.

YKWIL: An entire outfit of Pink and Brown.

YKWIH: BEADS. Really, enough said.
YKWIL: Aubrey's rockin' outfit.. brown Hannah Montana shirt.. black and pink plaid skirt and leopard print leggings. Too funny.
YKWIL: Sharing. Especially these two. I mean, it IS sharing right.. Kaitlyn pulling while Carson is wearing it????
YKWIL: Pumpking Chocolate Chip Cookies at Misty's house.
YKWIL: Mindy. Or Minnie as Carson calls her.
YKWIL: Red Hair, Blue Eyes and CHOCOLATE.
YKWIL: Birthdays.

YKWIL: Drew.

YKWIL: Tomorrow is DREW'S BIRTHDAY!! Yay!!! I can't wait!

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