Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Roof.

This past weekend we were supposed to go to Midway for a night or two to Celebrate my friend and her husband's birthday. Our babysitting fell through (still bummed) so we weren't be able to go. That left us with not a lot to do on Friday.

So, Drew decided to give me a heart attack.

He decided to close down our swamp cooler.

And when he was finished, THIS HAPPENED:
That's right, my FOUR and EIGHT year old children are on my ROOF!! :-O

My, oh my.

It was nice to be able to breath again once they were back down.

Here's two of Kait.. you should click on them to see how blue her eyes are. I didn't do any editing to these, btw.


  1. Wow I would've had a heart attack too! Sounds like something Jared would do with our kids. Yikes! And wow your daughter does beautiful blue eyes!

  2. yes i am still bumbed you didn't come. Yes I would have been very scared too.