Saturday, October 25, 2008

Birthday and Craziness.

I haven't done a 'real' post in almost a week now.. I was going to the other day and when I went to upload my pictures/video it didn't work! I had to delete everything off the card! Still bitter and pouting a little bit. Thank goodness it was only a few days of photos and not more.. I had some great stories to go with them though.

Here are a few (ha!) pictures from Drew's birthday. We just had Misty and her crew and Danno come over (Lock was working).. We bought Cafe Rio for dinner and the kids had Little Caesars. The big girls played Rock Band for awhile while the little kids danced around.

Here's the cake! Don't you love the design??? Being a nice dad, he let the kids choose the theme. :-D
Happy 34th B-Day!!

Time to blow out the candles!

Not sure what's happening but it looks like Drew wants something.
Dishin' the cake and scoopin' the ice cream.

This was Drew using his eyes to say Take another picture of me and we're going to have some words..

Carson eating cake.Aubrey and Holly eating cake.
Danno eating cake (and not being happy I was taking his picture).
Please note the bunny ears.
Cute Karly.
Darin had an itch.
(told you I would put it on here.. hehehe)
Us again.
If you don't mind for a moment, please scroll back up to the Carson picture above. Please note his LONG hair. I love his wild hair.. but.. it needed to be cut.

So, I decided Thursday night that I should cut it. Myself.

I first went digging for the perfect bribery tool which was of course to be found in the Halloween candy bag. After analyzing and a little taste testing, I decided Mini M&M's were the winner. Takes time to consume them and there was no stickiness factor to worry about.

I jiggled the tiny candy bags as I became the Pied Piper to get Carson into the kitchen. I then went into stealth mode and stripped my child of his clothes and put him on my kitchen counter (yes, it was immediately sterilized after, lol) all while dumping the coveted treats in a pile. Which were just far enough away that hair would hopefully stay out.

And then the real craziness started. I cut.. I begged for him to let me touch his hair.. I encouraged him to eat more.. continued cutting and decided that if I was on Shear Genius I might just have a chance.. I sang silly songs and performed little jigs to get him to look at me. I also realised my choice to have the candy pile further away might have not as been one of my smartest decisions in life. Having your squirmy and bored 2 1/2 year old leaning forward and sitting back up all while popping sugar, about every 2 seconds, was not good. And then the treats ran out. And I was done.

I DID have a few pictures of the above but unfortunatley it was part of what I had to delete off my camera. SAD.

However, here were the results! Not too shabby.. although it was almost impossible to get a picture of him not moving.

The following morning I decided he looked too girly though so last night I trimmed it even more around the ears. I did that while he sat at the table eating chicken nuggets. I just rock like that. NOW he looks like a little boy. :o) My batteries are up in the charger and I'm too tired to go get them so you'll have to wait to see those tomorrow.


  1. I know all about bribing. Sometimes it works wonders, sometimes not. Kudos for cutting his hair. I could never do that.

  2. I am still baffled that you have four kids. I guess they gray hair on the side of my head should tell me, "Yes, Christopher, you are old."