Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fortune cookies.

I love fortune cookies. Mellow taste.. super crunchy.. and a fortune. What's not to love. I do have to admit though that I'm slightly unhappy with the new fad of fortunes.. there is a little less fortune going on and more advice. Hmph. Anyone else notice this??

Well, last night we had Panda Express for dinner and at the end of our meal, we all opened up and enjoyed our fortune cookies.. and as we took turns reading our fortunes I was dissapointed as usual in the lack of actual fortune. Especially Aubrey's.

It read: "Ask your mom".

Ok.. huh. Aubrey then rolled her eyes and threw it on the table.

Fast forward to today. I thought about said fortune and decided I should take a picture of it. Well, unfortunately our Sock Monster must have been in need of a fortune because it was gone. GONE. Nice. First the dude takes all of our socks.. or just one out of the cute pairs.. leaving me to invest in yet ANOTHER bag of socks from Walmart.. and NOW he takes the mysterious fortune?? Whatever. I decided I would just have to ponder her fortune without the visual aid.

And then opportunity knocked. We were all outside setting up our Halloween decorations when suddenly all children froze and time stood still. All eyes were wide and on me, bright with hope. In the distance played musice from the dreaded Ice Cream Man (woman).

See, I rarely buy ice cream for my kids from the ice cream man (woman). My kids know that with my coupons and a good sale, they can get an entire box of the good stuff for little money.. it pains me deeply to pay $2 for ONE ice cream bar. I hate that a [grouchy] lady driving around in a junky van can cause my children to meltdown and be in tears and *I* get to be the bad guy. I may have even encourage my two year old to yell "GO AWAY" when she drives by.

But it was that darn fortune.. ASK YOUR MOM.

How could she not????????

She asked. I said yes.

My children pumped their crazy legs across the street and waved their arms frantically while shreaking SSSTTTOOOOOOPPPP over and over (in case the first time wasn't loud enough).

Aubrey ordered a cone.
Hayden ordered Spiderman.
Carson ordered SpongeBob.
Good fortune must have been on MY side as well because I was able to convince the three treat lickers to sit on my steps while I took pictures.

One happy kid!
After this picture, Hayden stuck out his tongue with ice cream on it (typical) and it fell out onto the steps. Just to preface.. Carson loves to play in dirt and the sandbox. He has no fear of handling nasty smelling cat food so that he could decorate my nice things (see previous posts). I've even caught him driving monster trucks in the kitty litter before (ick, gag, barf). So this picture totally cracks me up.

He wouldn't move an inch and was very vocal about it being right by him. Hayden laughed. I picked it up with my fingers and threw it in the grass. But poor Carson's trauma didn't stop there..

Look at Kaitlyn. SHE WANTS SOME.

At this point I determined Kaitlyn's chances of being pushed down the steps in attempt to protect a Spongebob treat were pretty good and I picked her up.

By the way, I'm putting this on my resume as reason #361 (making fortunes come true) & #362 ($6.25 on three ice cream treats) as to why I should be Mom of the Year.

And to Mr. Sock Monster... may this fortune cause you just as much happiness.


  1. That was hilarious! I couldn't agree more about the advice thing. Its so bad Travis refuses to open the cookie and see whats inside. I always make things up like. You will be going to Disneyland, you will get to play with Anna, you will get to watch a movie tonight. You know stuff a 3 year old understands. Maybe we should start complaining to the fortune cookie people.

  2. You have such a beautiful family. Aubrey is getting so big. They all are.
    I still haven't figured out how to work this website all the way and I dont really have that much time to sit and figure it out so that's why I dont add people to my blogs cuz I dont know how yet. One day....
    I keep busy. I have 2 month olds now. (as you probably saw) and I start a new job this week, so one day.
    i'm glad you found me and added me.

  3. I ment to say I have 5 month old twins now. (it's late, I'm a goof)

  4. But they are such cute kids even if they do drive you crazy!!!! Fortunately they have a great mom, too.