Monday, October 13, 2008

about $13 plus tax

I was at Walmart last week and decided to take a look at the "oops" paint. It's always half off and sometimes you can get lucky and find a gallon that hasn't even been opened yet! Those are usually your best bets because (in my head) that means it was probably extra. Extra is good.. it means it's a good color. The ones where half of it is missing equals not good.. it's probably ugly. Excellent logic, I know.

The can I found was was new and a nice shade of brown and made for bathrooms.. holds up well to scrubbing, etc. Perfect! And, less than $6.50.

Saturday morning I taped the bathroom while Drew removed everything that needed to be painted under (switches, towel bar, etc.). We then decided to make a quick run to Lowes and ended up buying a can of spray paint that was meant for metal so no primer was needed. This was also less than $6.50.

I painted the room. Drew sprayed everything that could be detatched.

We both love how it turned out! Aubrey and Hayden talk about it a lot and have done several showings for their friends. The kids all excitedly talk about how great it looks and they remember when it used to be white in there... you know, it's been so long.. cracks me up.

Looking in.

Standing in the tub looking to the left.

Standing in the tub and looking at the entrance.

Other area.

You'll never guess who was climbing up my legs while I was standing there.

To the right of the bathroom.. Drew just finishing up a diaper change. How I love that man...

Do you like it???? :-D


  1. Very nice! I hate painting and I am not very good at it. But you did a fabulous job and you were frugal (not cheap!) Good job. And do you really ever scrub your walls? I guess I should, but I don't.

  2. Wow, how great is that to have a "new" room. Fantastic!

  3. WOW what a great deal. It looks awesome too.

  4. Well, I do sometimes scrub the wall behind the toilet while wearing gloves. The joy of having a little boy. Ew.

    And sometimes I take a Magic Eraser to the 2 year old height on the main walls. But otherwise I don't. And I guess I should too. LOL

  5. Hey your bathroom rocks! I am so jealous! We have tiles falling off our shower wall so we have to redo our bathroom. But with no money for tile-arg it sucks! Maybe next tax returns? I love how you are so frugal. That is soooo me too!! I am so addicted to clearance racks or good deals on websites! I am glad we met each other through Misty! Oh and I need that recipe for those truffles!!