Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time to admit it..

Hi, My name is Becky and I have an addiction..

To my kids.

And my camera.

And Picnik.

I just love her little feet and hands..
And of course there's a sad picture.. her sad face is just so cute!
For such a silly boy he can look so serious..

"I think I'll die if you take one more.."

Oops. hehehe
(I love that he's sticking his tongue out)

The neighbor girl.. she was spying on me.

Despite the appearance of no feet, she's jumping in the picture.

case. in. point.


  1. I love the close of up of your boy and the one of the neighbor, too funny. I love my kids, my camera and my editing program too!

  2. dang it just checked out picnick It is awesome and i am hooked.