Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picnik, Nine Months & Update

I have found a new editing program that I totally puffy heart. It's called Picnik and FREE! Of course I've been spending time trying all the differnt features so there are quite a few pictures for you to look at today. Good thing my kids are so darn cute, right???

Me and my cute baby
I ordered WiiFit last week and it arrived over the weekend. We've already had a lot of fun using it, especially Aubrey. In fact, she's used it a LOT.

Doing Yoga on Sunday..
Last night her tummy hurt and she wasn't feeling so hot. This morning Drew let me sleep in (baby is having sleeping issues and I'm the one that gets up with her at night) and when I woke up I discovered Aubrey was home. I asked about her tummy.. turns out that today's ailments are actually from sore muscles. LOL Guess we know it works!

Nine Months:
My cute little Kaitlyn is NINE MONTHS OLD!! Is that crazy or what!?!?! These first pictures (in the blue) are from yesterday.
She can say Dada.

She can say Hhhhiiiii while waving.
She has two teeth and loves eating Gerber Puffs.

She started crawling a little over a week ago but still mostly army crawls (since 7 months old) and is quicker than lighting.

As of last night, we were surprised to discover than she can crawl up stairs. :-S
Reason why she has a hard time sleeping: She keeps pulling herself up to a standing position and can't get back down!
She is pulling herself up any chance she can.. let the bumps and bruises begin.

We will be lowering her mattress tonight.

I'm sure I"ll take more pictures of her later.. I need to go hop in the shower now. It's almost 3 in the afternoon, ya know..

Danno is doing really well. He's still in the hospital due to his calcium levels being low. The cancer was much more severe than expected and his surgery took HOURS longer than expected. I told him that if I find any gray hairs popping up in the next couple of days that he will be blamed for them.

Aw, Crud. Baby's awake.. so much for my shower.

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  1. Your pictures are always cute. Bye the way the bow in kaitlyns hair is so cute. I did a good job. lol