Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bows & Birthdays

Today one of my best friend's ever came over... Misty! Woo Hoo! I haven't seen her for about a month (she lives 35 min. away) so it was really nice to see her and her two youngest girls. We sat and talked.. watched Carson and Mindy (her youngest) yell at each other.. Hayden and Lacy hid together to try and escape him going to preschool. Good times. She was even super fantastic and chased Carson when he ran away (far away at that). What a true friend! :o)

She also showed me an easy way to make flower hair bows that doesn't require any hot glue.. meaning Aubrey can help me now! She's going to love it! I'll have to show pictures later on because it's hard to describe. They are really cute though.. yay for more!

I wish I had remememberd to take some pictures.. why is it that I don't remember when others are around? Must get distracted easily.. lol


I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my brother Steve!!! For those of you that don't know, he passed away 9 years ago. I've been thinking about him a lot this past week and I'm sad for all of the things that we aren't doing together because he's not here. No BBQ's.. no family gatherings.. no hanging out playing Rock Band (I know he would have loved it).. no photography things together.. enjoying nieces/nephews and watching them grow up and start school.. yeah. I just plain ol' miss him! I think in his honor we'll have a dessert that he would have loved.. probably Strawberry Shortcake. Mmmm... Oh, and a bag of Red Vines. hehehe

Here are a couple of pictures I had on my computer that were taken from a picture (did you get that? Picture of a picture) so the quality is not so great.

1980 or 1981 (can't tell how old I am in the picture)

19851997 (I think?)
May 2006 (Aubrey is holding Carson)

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