Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The day before.. and Toddler for sale.

Today was a looong day. Started out with a PTA meeting.. it was the first one of the year (I'm the treasurer) so we had a lot to talk about.. it was over 2 hours!! By the end of it Carson was running out of the room every chance he could get. Nothing like having your crazy 2 year old running (and yelling AAAHHHHH) in front of the Principal's office to make you feel like Mother of the Year. Will someone just give me the dang trophy already?????

Then we went home and had lots of fun playing.. and cleaning.. putting Carson in time out for laying on Kaitlyn.. and more playing.. putting Carson in time out for holding onto the cat tail.. and playing while cleaning... and putting Carson in time out. AGAIN.

Here's Miss Kait. I made the background all dark (obviously) but yeah.. my little princess is under the cat bed. Can you guess who assisted her with the apparent new mobile home?
Carson plotting his next move.
(j/k of course. I think. I mean, I am.... definitley. Maybe.)

Aww, see... I just love that smile in the picture below.
And it's hard to tell, but I cut Hayden's hair tonight!
Can we say MINI-DREW????? Love it!

And WHY did I cut his hair??? Because tomorrow is his first day of PRESCHOOL! Yay! I'm so excited for him.. I really hope he loves it.
I tried to get a better picture but he didn't want to sit up and was trying not to laugh at me. Nice. ;o)

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