Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hayden's first day of Preschool

Yesterday was Hayden's first day of preschool (in case you missed that in the past posts or in the title). The preschool is through the school district and this year it's 5 days a week. Very nice. However, as we were walking there with his friend Nathan, his mom mentioned the teacher's name was Miss Maxine. Um, Hayden's is Miss Sharon. PROBLEM! We signed the boys up the same day (actually, we were in line together). We had no idea there was TWO afternoon classes.. Yeah, both boys were not happy and had a very hard time with us leaving (including today). We're working on having Hade switched over.. everyone keep your fingers crossed it happens.

Now for the pictures.. I brought the camera upstairs just before lunch so you are also getting lunch pictures. Exciting, I know. :-D The boys had hot dogs, apple slices and milk.

Let's eat!!

Apparently Hot Dogs on Wednesdays cause silly faces. :-P

Poor Kaitlyn gets stuck under the chair.. but whew, she made it out.

Oh, you should probably clean your computer screen. I know it looks like my floor is dirty but really, that's not the case at all. That's right.. scroll down.. THEN clean... There. Isn't that much better??

Time for school! Yay!!

Enough already!

Time to walk over..

Look who we ran into!!! I was thrilled to find out that Hayden's start time is when Aubrey is heading out to recess after lunch.. we get to see her every day!

Aubs and her best friend.

Dropping Hayden off in his class.

I didn't take any pictures after this point.. he wasn't very happy to be left there with no friends. :o(

He's such a good boy.. (he's my "easy" child). I sure missed him! *sniff*

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