Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our weekend away.

This past weekend we went out of town.. and what better way to tell you about it than with pictures!! :-D Sorry! hehehe

This is where we went:
Brigham City! It was my mother's 40th High School Reunion and she was kind enough to pay for me and my siblings (and kids) to go up there and stay for two nights at a hotel. Why would we want to do that? Because I lived there until I was 10.. talk about a walk down memory lane.

That night we all met for dinner at Pizza Hut and celebrated my nephew's birthday (forgot my camera!!).

Also saved Carson from running out into Main Street. Somehow he escaped from the restaurant (think he went out with my brother's kids) and as I discovered him in the parking lot, he bolted off.. it was awful.. he got so close to the street! I was totally shaking after and it was just bad. BAD. Unfortunately, he is back into the running stage again. Ugh.

After that we went to our old neighborhood and walked around the block. My kids had to hear "When I was little, I...." about a million times. Ok, truthfully, they heard that the ENTIRE trip. I'm pretty sure that's why Aubrey ended up driving around with her cousins in my brother's van.. she figured out how to escape my stories. It was really interesting to see how much smaller things were than what I remembered them being as a kid.

This was our home.
Back at the hotel, my kids had such a great time! Looks like my hotel research paid off with the millions of reviews I read.. it was actually a nice place to stay.

Look at that happy face!

This was a hot commodity the entire trip.. Phones on a chord! We haven't had a landline for probably 7 years now so my younger kids rarely see a "normal" phone. I disconnected the back of them so they could be played with.
Carson figured out that he can't open the door by himself. Muwahahahaha My niece holding Kait. She looves holding her.. The next day we did lots of walking around.. We went to the Library and then other downtown locations.. Drove by my old elementary school.. and then stopped at John Adams park. I used to throw rocks into there!! Love this picture. Kait was not happy that I wasn't holding her, if you can't tell.
For lunch we went to PEACH CITY!! How could we not???

My sister and I were laughing at the memories of all the nasty gum under the counters. I had to look. HAD to. SO GROSS!! May I never look again.

After lunch we went over to the Tabernacle and walked around for a few minutes. Was able to take some neat pictures from all the light in the background.
Drew and Kait (if you can't tell)
Then we went back to the hotel to change diapers/nurse the baby and sat around for two hours while my family went to a museum. Had I known we would sit for TWO hours we would have gone.. but what do you do.

We had a low-key dinner and just hung out at the hotel that night.
On Sunday after we checked out, we went to the cemetery. My grandparents are buried there.. the kids enjoyed walking around and looking at all the really old graves.
This is my child stealing a grave's flowers. Nice.

I really liked these pictures of my family.

My SIL and niece. Her kids.. Really love this one.. my nephew in the middle looks like a mad scientist or something.. sooo cute!I love you too, John. My sister and her girls. ADORABLE!!
My mom and step-dad.

We went to Subway for lunch and I was able to get some good pictures with the older three and my mom..
I just love the faces that he comes up with. LOL

Right before we left Hade and my niece were outside playing. I love how the coloring turned out after I edited it.
And there you have it! If you actually looked at everything (and your computer didn't crash while waiting for them to load) then you deserve a shiny gold star sticker!!


  1. looks like you had a lot of fun. what kind of editing do you us.

  2. I use a couple of programs.. most of them are actually just the basic ones that came with my digital camera(s). There is usually a "Scene Balance" area where you can change the exposure, shadow and highlight. I just play around with those.. make it more exaggerated if I'm making it B&W or Sepia.. that sort of thing.

    There's a really cool program I want that totally trumps these basic ones but I can't bring myself to spend $150-$200 on it. :-S