Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Zoo, Part II & a birthday party!!

First, if you want to see my Montage, just keep scrolling down. ;o)

Now that I have that out of the way.. this past Friday, I took the kids to the "petting zoo" again (aka Petsmart). Aubrey wasn't very happy that she missed out on it last time.. so she nosed her way into every animal she could and she proudly posed with each one until the battery in my camera died. She currently plans on being an explorer when she grows up and is going to study animals.. so she loves learning about them. She also took about 10 brochures about different pets and has read and studied each of them.

Kids are looking at the birds from the outside and asking if they can go in the employee area to hold different things..


Aubrey worked on telling it "step up" but the bird just wanted to play with the shiny embellishments on her shirt.

Carson saying, "I want that". He totally backed off as soon as he saw the rats up close..

Waiting for the rats..

Holding a hairless rat.. man, is that ugly!!
Much better. lol
Carson excitedly yelled, "Kitty-Kitty-Meow!" when he saw the guinea pigs. Uh, sure.

Tired Kaitlyn.. I had her in the sling the entire time.

This is the same one that Hade held a week ago.. it's going to shed soon.
Another snake.. it was a little one.
"Come one Hade, just hold it."
"Oooohhhhh, a bug!"
(everything is a bug)

This was pretty funny.. just as Aubrey gave it back to Lock, it peed ALL over the place. Hayden was belly laughing for about five minutes. He's such a boy. lolAbout the 700th time that Carson ran off and I was chasing him, I turned the corner to find him sporting a pink dog harness on his back. I was totally thinking, "Child, don't TEMPT ME!!!!" hehehe
He took it off by the time I got my camera out.
Looking at a REAL 'kitty-kitty-meow'
Whew, that's all! Thanks again, Lock!! You're the best!!!

Wait, there's still another typ of pictures.. BIRTHDAY ones!

My dad and step-mom flew in this week and have been staying at my sister's house. Perfect timing for her birthday (last Friday) and my brother's birthday (last Saturday). I was beyond happy to spend time with everyone and have my dad spend time with Kaitlyn (he left town the day I went into labor with her and this was his first trip back). I also think Carson resembles him quite a bit. Love you guys!!!

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