Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The. Car. Ride.

On Monday we went to Drew's Aunt Nancy's home for a Labor Day BBQ. We had a fabulous time and of course I forgot to take even a single picture while I was there. It was a big house full of people and lots of CRAZY kids- meaning lots of fun!! Thanks for having us over Nancy!!!

I did, however, take pictures on the drive there. I was trying to figure out all the different features on my camera.

Spying on Aubrey..

Uh-Oh... I've been caught. hehehe

She gets it from her father. Definitely not me.

Moving on... *shocker* Hade fell asleep!! Hi Carson!!

Kait's playing with her Taggie

The love of my life: up close

RANDOM! (again.. trying out the different features on the camera)

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