Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carson's new bed!!

Carson has been demanding to sleep in Hayden's bed for over a week now and actually does pretty well in it.. except he's fallen out a few times in the middle of the night. Which then results in him running upstairs into our bed. We tried forcing him back in his crib and he climbed/fell out of that. :-/ We can take a hint.

So, today we went to IKEA and not only did we manage to not loose any kids, we found the perfect bed for Carson!! YAY!

This bed was in the "scratch and dent" area:

It's the floor model and is actually in awesome shape, it came with the mattress (which I febreezed although it has a protective cover), sheets (put different ones on for tonight) and a bed railing. A $200 value... for $80!!! And what I love is that it's as wide as a twin.. and as he grows, we can alter the head/foot board so that he has plenty of room (or pass on to Kaitlyn). WOOT!

What a smile.. he's thrilled with his bed.

Of course ALL the kids had to pile in. Ok, I might have put Kaitlyn there but whatever.
I took a couple pictures and this was the best of them.

Cute Sisters (and VERY tired baby)
Aubrey and Hade having a sleepover since there's no school tomorrow.
Silly face... :-D

At this point she's SUPER TIRED..
just had to take one more picture after this and then I put her to bed.

Goodnight, little man! I hope he stays there ALL NIGHT LONG!

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