Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aaaarrrrggghhhh Matey...

If you aren't aware, Hade is obsessed with all things dealing with Pirates. He has even declared that when he is grown up, that he will be building a pirate ship (well, or a Spiderman house..). I took the kids to Target on Friday and they had Pirate things in the birthday section- Hayden was SO EXCITED!!! Of course I had to indulge him... lol

Needles to say, we have had lots of AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH and Yo-Ho-Ho's going on in my home. :-D

Hayden with his Pirate Sword

Don't let this picture fool you.. Carson is just as much into it as the rest of us...

Yes, Drew even has a gold earing in (it won't fit the kids ears)

Moving on... yesterday we also had a Garage Sale and sold our couches that were in the basemnt (our first set we purchased! *sniff*). I totally expected Hade to have issues with them going.. being as he was constantly using the couch cushions for literally, the past two years or so, for his forts. He totally had the "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" attitude though. Go figure. I took a farewell picture... I just love his "cheese" face.

And because one can never view to many photos... here's more. hehehe

Kait was inching down the hall towards me and Hade gave her a hug before going to bed (and washing his hands and FACE)
And lastly.. here's our cat for those that haven't seen/heard about it. The neighborhood kids brought it over to our house.. they found it wandering around without a home. We've had it about a month now and he's such a good cat for the most part (he did poop in the kids bathtub a week ago and I'm still bitter about it). And go figure, it doesn't actually bother Drew's allergies. First time for everything, right?? He's VERY patient with the kids though!! Aubrey has named him Tiger L (L stands for lion) but Carson calls him Kitty-Kitty-Meow (as previously mentioned) and the rest of us just call him Kitty. Poor cat with no real name. ;o)

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