Saturday, August 30, 2008

10 Things We've Done in Four Days

It's been a few days.. so thought I'd share by listing 10 things we've done in the past four days. I know, I know.. EXCITING! ;o)

1. Aubrey has had a great first week at school and she is doing well in class. She likes to leave just before eight so she can eat breakfast there and have time to talk to her friends. The 7:30 wake up time is about to kill me though.. why can't school start at 9:30??

2. I cleaned the house and it stayed that way for an HOUR! Can't wait to see if it can go even longer than that when Hade's school starts on Wednesday.

3. Hope you're sitting down.. you'll be amazed. I was BRAVE and took all 4 kids to the new DMV in Draper to register my van. :-O Lucky for me, traffic wasn't too bad and there was ZERO wait! In fact, it took me more time getting the kids in and out of the van than the total amount of time I spent in the building (including a bunch of ladies ogling Kaitlyn). My sanity was definitely worth the money it cost me in gas to get there.

4. Hayden and I met his preschool teacher!! He doesn't know anyone in his class but there is one little boy who is also a little shy, and I hope they become friends. Thanks, Joyce, for staying with Carson and Kaitlyn so I could go and actually listen to and participate in the teacher's presentation.

5. Carson is talking more and more.. I can't believe how much he's saying. He is also asking lots of questions and saying funny things.

6. Aubrey went to a birthday party (theme was Hannah Montana, of course) and brought home lots of plastic jewelry which Carson just loves.

7. We had a yummy dinner at Jonny Corino's with Danno and Marci. I just love the bread there (or maybe it's just the balsamic vinegar you dip it in, lol). Kids were pretty good, fun conversation and a surprise in a purse. <-- Wrote that to see if Marci is reading this or not. :-D

8. After said dinner, Danno was AWESOME and helped Drew move our couches from upstairs into the basement.. looks awesome!

9. Kaitlyn has had tooth #2 pop up!! And today she is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!!! Where did the time go???

10. I am about to go to the store to get milk.. with no kids! The Four Crazy Kids are staying home with DADDY!!!!

Now we just need to find new furniture for the front room and hopefully at a fabulous deal with the help of Labor Day weekend sales. Wish us luck!

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