Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who needs a zoo...

I know the title of this could generally apply to my home.. but this afternoon was different. After meeting Drew for lunch, I stopped by Petsmart with the kids (minus Aubs who was in school) to see their Uncle Lock who was working. He gave the boys the best animal show ever!!

Hayden agreed to hold the snake once we promised it wouldn't
bite him or wrap around his neck and choke him. :-/

In the employee area.. yes, we're oh-so-special.

It's Ratatouille! That's hairless!! hehehe

This was the one time Carson actually touched anything.. every time we offered he would say YEAH but when he would get close he would yell AAAAHHHHH and move away.

And finally, we have a turtle. Hade thought it was pretty cool.

After a good smearing of hand hanitizer, Hayden watched Lock feed goldfish to the Oscars. I didn't see it but was told Hade looked like this. :-O

Thanks Lock! You're the best!!!

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  1. i bet your boys had a lot of fun. next time invite me lol