Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new Camera

Welcome! I'm finally getting on the Blog Bandwagon! I'm sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath for this time.. hehehe

Well, today I received a package containing... my new CAMERA!! YAY!!!! And of course I got it online and at a screaming price. Now I just need to figure out all the features. lol I've played around with it a little and the editing program and thought I'd post some pictures of My Four Crazy Kids and give an update on what they are up to. :o)

First up is Aubrey!
She is getting ready for third grade, which starts on Monday. We met her teacher last night (who is very nice) and she's excited that her best friend will be in the same class. This summer we have been having fun redoing her room to look a little 'older' including new curtains, a Hannah Montana headboard (great deal from Kohls), posters on the wall.. which also meant taking down the stuff from when she was younger. *sniff* She has also had fun playing with freinds and a couple of sleepovers.

Next up is Hayden.

He is going into preschool again (he has a Nov. birthday so next year is Kindy) and that starts just after Labor Day. Preschool is through the school district and will be FIVE days a week. Hade is very excited to play with one of his buddies who will also be in his class. He has had fun this summer running around outside and riding his bike. He LOVES to draw/color and totally rocks at pirate ships, including the pirate. He is still obsessed with building forts and yes, I'm about to go crazy from the lack of couch cushions staying ON my couch (you know, the essentials to a good fort). Oh, and I'm like 99.9% positive he is going through a growth spurt.. he is always tired and I swear to you, is about to eat us out of house and home. He is always hungry. ALWAYS!! It's making me very nervous to see what things will be like in another 10 years. LOL

And now we have.. Carson (aka: The Tornado Toddler)

Ahh.. Carson... what do I say. LOL He is just a bundle of energy and knows what he wants or doesn't want.. and he's more than loud enough in letting you know that. He is totally IN LOVE with Kaitlyn and loves to say Hi thisclose to her face and lay on her. He likes to eat string cheese, cereal and bananas. His favorite people are Minnie (Mindy), Mamie (Amy), JoJo and Liz, Dock (Lock) and Dock (Marci). Oh, and kitty-kitty meow, as he calls the cat. He loves to play with any kind of cars, Acket-balls (basketballs) and is a very happy kid when he gets to play outside (bike, sandbox, running away...). Last night he was screaming to sleep with Hade's bed (they share a room) and so we let him.. Ack, I think it's time to move him out of the crib! :-O So now the question is: Do we put him in a Toddler Bed (in which we'll need to buy the frame) or do we put him in a Twin bed (we'll need to buy a mattress and frame). Any thoughts?

Finally, little miss Kaitlyn

Kait is almost 8 months old (on the 30th) and is still a total lightweight. She is totally skilled in the Army Crawl though and scoots all over the place. We definitely need to get the baby gate out this weekend!! She laughs like crazy when Carson is being silly around her (and not ON her). Her new "tricks" are saying ba-ba-ba and shaking her head (in a "no" way). She's so cute and a total wiggle-worm. She is also very loud... yeah. lol Sometimes she sleeps through the night and sometimes she doesn't (like last night *yawn*). Here are two more pics (she's chewing on her thumb in one- FIRST TOOTH TODAY!!).

Oh, I guess real fast on Drew and myself... um... uh.. um.... I don't know what to write. lol I just started as the PTA treasurer for this school year- yay! I've been making hair bows for the girls and am having a lot of fun with that (that's another post). We've had a lot of fun staying up late with family/friends on the weekend to play Rock Band. I am a Guitar-Hero and Drew is a drummin' fool!! LOVE IT! Can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. You know, who really needs to sleep... right?

Well, I guess that's it! If you made it through my ramblings, you deserve a big shiny sticker for your forehead! Feel free to comment. :o)


  1. I love blogs, so I'll be reading yours! Tell me about the deal you got on your camera - I'm shopping for one myself.

  2. Your kids are soo cute. love the bows.

  3. You're a blogger!! lol. That's way fun though. =) One of these days I might do something interesting like that myself. xD;; I'm so lazy. ha. Need to take more pictures since I have a nice camera.

    Kids are so cute! We need to come by more often....


  4. OMG totally addicted to Rock Band! lol The kids are getting so big. I still want to see Kaitlyn's room! ;)

  5. Too cute, Becky! It's nice to hear from you. :-) I can't get over how ADORABLE your kids are. I love the long hair on Carson.