Monday, August 25, 2008

Aubrey's first day of school!!

My "baby" started THIRD GRADE today!! *I* remember being in third grade and totally loved it.. man, I feel older than dirt!

Drew went in late to work so that I could walk with Aubrey to school (Carson joined us). It was pretty funny to see all of the girls.. over 1/2 of the girls were wearing Hannah Montana shirts and I'd say 75% had Hannah Montana backpacks. Yes, Aubs was part of that percentage. lol Lucky for me, this morning, I managed to Qualify for Mom of the Year award.. I forgot to take pictures before we left!! Ugh! So I took some after she got home from school but she didn't want to be bothered so you can't see how cute her outfit really is.

Aubrey says she has the nicest teacher in the world and has quite a few friends. It was really fun to see her with them.. they were giggling and cute with in the first second of seeing each other. Yay!!!

Now during our day.. Carson enjoyed a lovely bowl of Reece's Puff's for breakfast.

And should you ever need a light turned on... and have a baseball bat handy.. Carson would me more than happy to assist you. And best yet, he proclaims Taaa-daaaaaaa.

Hade and Kait.. awwwwww

Look at that tongue! (you should click on this to see how blue her eyes are!!)

Ok, that's it for today.. can you tell I totally LOVE my camera????? :-D

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