Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tonight there was a Family Math and Literacy night at Aubrey and Hayden's school. Which meant, LUCKY ME, I was able to take all four kids by myself for almost 1 1/2 hours.

We met with Hayden's teacher first and he did a few activities in the classroom. Carson loved playing in the kitchen area and with the baby dolls. Then, it was one of the yearly highlights for my children. They were able to eat dinner in the lunchroom! Aubrey is finally growing out of this fascination but prior to now this has always been a HUGE deal. Not really sure why.. You've all experience lunchroom food so you get what I'm sayin'.. but whatever floats their boat. :-S

This is where things get messy. I'm sure I was the evening entertainment as I held three plates of pizza and apple dessert things stacked in one hand all while keeping them distanced from my body so Kaitlyn, whom I was holding, couldn't grab them. Oh, and did I mention I was also pushing an (empty) stroller that had three containers of chocolate milk teetering on top? I tried to get Aubrey's help but she was already off in the distance scouting out a good place to sit.. The possible highlight was that I also managed NOT to loose either boy. Always an accomplishment. Once we were at the perfect table, I then had to open up the milk, get everyone situated and pick the pepperoni off of the pizza.. feed Carson his pizza by hand because it was too hot (his words) to hold.. and eat standing because Kaitlyn was not interested in me sitting down and she screamed in the stroller. Oh and every two seconds we were interrupted with "HI, AUBREY'S MOM". I didn't mind that as much though. :-D

After our *fabulous* meal, we headed off to Aubrey's class. However, we were stopped and told that it ended at 7. It was currently 7. So we pumped our crazy legs and dashed to her class. Her teacher was not there but a few other teachers were in the room and gave us some flashcards we can do at home. And then Aubrey proudly showed us her pencil box.. her other box thing with her papers in it.. her book.. where she hangs her backpack. She's so cute! Hayden totally took it all in.. Carson ran around touching things he shouldn't have touched but at least he wasn't screaming.

When we got home I was thrilled to see Drew standing in our driveway with his buddy Doug.. because that meant he had just put our new couch into our living room! It was supposed to be backordered by a month.. and here, less than a week later, it's in our home. Works for me. The only problem is it's huge.. bigger than our last couch! I'm going to really have to think about how to move the furniture around to make this work. Oops.

Here are some pictures from before we left this evening..

My Four Crazy Kids
Let's see those silly faces!
Cute sisters..
Mr. Carson (love this shirt!)

Pure Random.
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