Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mess and a must.

Yesterday morning I was down here on the computer checking my email, as was Drew. We heard Carson crying but it wasn't an I'm Hurt cry.. more of a "Sissy took something away from me" so we waited a few minutes thinking he'd come down.

Nope, he didn't. So I start searching for him.. finally ending in Kaitlyn's room. I should have stayed downstairs. :-/ After staring for a few seconds I turned around and walked out. HAD to get my camera.. how else do you find the humor in things but with a picture.

This is why he was crying. He was stuck.

Obviously with limited things to do while stuck, he had decided to throw anything he could. Like the baby wipes, one by one. And other items on the changing table such as lotion, desitin, etc.. the bows from the bow holder on the wall and then the bow holder itself. You know, all the typical things one does when in that situation.
Mr. Monkey wasn't very happy in helping me clean everything up. :o)

Here's a close up of my bow holder for those that haven't seen it.. cute huh! Aubrey helped me choose which ribbons to use to decorate it. The fabric on the 'bodice' is the same fabric that my sister helped me put on the glider cushions.

Isn't he a fabulous artist??? That circle blob on his knee is a bug.

How can I possibly stay upset at a face like this??

And now.. our MUST! We bought furniture for our front room yesterday! LOVE IT!!! I hope the sales lady enjoys her commission.. I took forever choosing which ones to go with (plus chasing kids around, taking them for bathroom breaks, etc). We finally decided to go with two chairs and a couch. The couch is on back order for another couple of weeks but I like it enough that I'm fine with that.

Of course I'm going to share a picture of them. I quickly put Kaitlyn down on the chair because she had a huge smile and looked oh-so-cute. This was going to be such a fantastic introductory picture!!

Guess I forgot to actually tell her that. She was totally unhappy I put her down. If you can't tell.
I'm considering being a magician. I picked her up and JUST LIKE THAT, her face changed to this! Quite Amazing, I know.
Ok, enough teasing. Introducing: our new chair!!
The darker wood goes well with the black leather on my piano bench (also in the front room) and it also compliments my kitchen table (which can see seen from the front room).

And they are really comfortable! Woo hoo!!!

At some point (hopefully today) I'll manage to get all the rest of the toys, books, clutter out of the room so I can put the other chair in it's new home (the other corner). Wish me luck!!

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