Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reason #257

As many of you know, as a mother, there have been many times where I'm pretty sure I more than qualify for the coveted Mother of the Year award. You know.. when something off the hook happens and you sit back and say Yes.. I deserve it. It shall be mine.

Sometimes I imagine it as a certificate that I can proudly frame and display on my wall complete with spotlights. Occasionally it's a bronzed statue of some sort that I can hold and cradle. Then I remember it potentially could become a weapon among the crazy kids and I go back to the certificate.

Anyway, today was reason #257 for why I deserve this award.

In the late afternoon I gave Kaitlyn and Carson a bath (so what if it's been three days!). I know, you're thinking that's my reason but really that was reason #256..

As I was putting lotion on Kaitlyn I was listening to the sounds of my home.. which were nothing. Not a darn thing!

*NEVER* a good sign when Carson should be close by. Ugh.

May I proudly present Reason #257.

Oh yes, folks, it's exactly what you think it is.

I'm in total surprise as I stand on my porch watching my little man frolic about with his damp hair flapping in the wind. That was actually the point where I dashed back in to grab my camera. Thank goodness I had wrapped Kaitlyn in a towel (no time to put her diaper on). Two naked kids would have been overkill!!

Me: Carson James! In the house, now!
Carson: NO!!
Me: Yes, NOW!
Carson: NO!!
using my angry voice/eyes, Me: I SAID NOW!!
Carson: No!!!

All the meanwhile, the peanut gallery was laughing and pointing and a stranger walked by. Perhaps you understand why I carried on with lots of !!!!! above.

Carson finally did head back towards the house after minimal chasing. Mental Note: Probably would have been easier if I wasn't holding a camera.. details, details.

I love this kid. And his cute little bum.
And there you have it. Reason #257.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is HILARIOUS!!!! You totally deserve the award because you grabbed the camera before anything else. That's exactly what I do too!

  2. ah naked kids outside. oh the stories i could tell.