Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love this weather!

My favorite season is fall. I love when it starts cooling down outside.. just like today's weather. I think my kids especially enjoyed it because that means I'm more than willing to play outside with them.

Before Hayden went to school we were all outside. I would dare to guess that I spent half of the time running around after Carson and yelling for him to come back to our property and not take off down the street. I was very frustrated and not a happy mommy by the time we needed to leave for school. Oh the irony when the Neighbor Lady's mother (who was sitting on her stairs studying an English Manual) asked me how she pronounces "R-A-G-E" and asked what it means. :-/

After walking home from school we played more.. of course I felt the need to have my camera. I put Kait on the floor and ran downstairs.. you'll never guess what I saw when I came back up.

Carson was laying on Kaitlyn!! Are you shocked??? :-O
I'm not. Why, you ask? Because this happens at least TWENTY times a day!! Next phase, please.

Now we head outside.. Let's take some pictures of my beautiful girls.
Then we put Kait down on the grass.. this was her first time (army) crawling around on it and I think her face shows exactly how she felt about it.

Inching her way along.. And yes, she's holding a Polly Pocket Leg.
She wouldn't even crack a smile. I don't really like crawling around on grass either.

What are you looking at, Aubrey?Leg down, Leg down!!

What a great big sister!!Giving her best "Rock Star" pose..
Back to Kaitlyn checking out the grass
Guess who doesn't like grass on her face. hehe I just love the faces she makes..
Hey, a smile!! Awww, that's my Kaity-Bug..
At this point I realize I can't hear Carson. He's so loud that not hearing him is a big deal.. means he has ran off again. :-/ Luckily he was just in the garage.

Poor distraught Kaitlyn was left alone on the grass.

Ok, Hayden, it's your turn buddy..
Come on, just ONE little smile???
Fine, I can take a hint.

At this point I decided to not even attempt to have Carson come over.. I just followed him around. The neighbor kids were nice enough to bring the boy's bikes back from when they took off with them earlier (without asking). And the seats werefull of grass clippings from the school. Wow, such kindness. *sigh*

Guess Carson isn't a huge fan of grass either. LOL
This was taken just after he threw it.
What it looks like when Carson starts walking away from me.. I just love his hair.
Following his big sissy into the backyard..
Bye, C.J.!Now that my oldest three were now contained in my closed backyard, I decided to try taking a picture "MySpace" style.. you know, hold the camera up high and click away.. Of course while I'm attempting this (had to take a couple.. it's not very easyto do while holding a wiggly baby), Drew happens to call me.

So, I'm talking to him.. and then I hear:

Neighbor Lady: Becky, are you taking pictures?
Me (whipping around): Um, yes. I have a new camera..
Neighbor Lady: Of yourself??
Me (feeling sily): I, uh, I'm trying to figure out how this thing works..
Neighbor Lady with an amused look on her face: Oh, you're on the phone..
Drew: What? Who are you talking to?
Me: Renu was asking about the camera.
Drew: So you're taking pictures of yourself while we talk and now you're talking to Renu too?
Neighbor Lady: I saw you also took some of the kids.
Me to Neighbor Lady: Yeah, thought it would be nice while it's overcast.. makes for good lighting.
Me again, to Drew: Yes I am.. I know, I know. (I swear I could hear him shaking his head)

I think the only thing that could have made that situation more comfortable is if I had been able to hold my Mother of the Year award in the third arm that I can't figure out how to grow.

I love this weather.

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