Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma's, Pirates, Blue and Pizza

There are four topics for today. That's all!!


Yesterday we went to my lovely Mother-in-law's home for dinner and to return the trailer (which we borrowed to pick up my new chairs).

After dinner the boys wanted to play outside. The road in front of their house is not kid friendly and given Carson's recent running fascination, I decided I better go out there and act like a sheep-dog (in an un-dog way; I'm not a dog) and keep him close to the house.

Grandma has a bunch of little grape looking things by the porch and said it was fine if the boys picked them. So after making all sorts of yucky faces and letting Carson know we do NOT EAT THEM.. the fun could begin.

Hade showing you the little grape looking thing
"Look out below!!" as he threw it at his brother...

Hayden was launching the little grape looking things into the bush via cannon ball style. Sound effects and all.
Marci's cat.

Sunflower at the neighbor's house.
Miss Kait

Aubrey played on the computer. Love the pose, Aubs!!


This morning the boys were playing pirates. My boys don't have many items for the "dress up" department so I was very happy to find these hats in the Costume area at Walmart. Their pirating (is that a word??) first started out with a sword fight using unsharpened pencils. Then I caught Carson hitting Kait on the head so that stopped. :-S

Hade walked around like this so he could see.

Carson was running so much that this was the best shot I could get.Blue:

I would like to show that my adorable little girl DOES own something not pink. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see her two little teeth!

This is how my front room looks!
Now think about a big matching couch and that will be the final product. :o)


Tonight was Monday night Football. Lock is Mr. Eagle's Fan and Danno is Mr. Hate the Cowboys fan so of COURSE we had to watch! I decided to go ahead and put the pizza order in (internet) this afternoon, for tonight, so we wouldn't have to deal with a seven hour wait for delivery.

*in my music voice* Dum, Dum, Dum... our power went out at 2:30. The hours slowly ticked by.. 3:30 I'm picking the kids up from school "MOM, there was NO POWER!!". And for the next hour we played "Does ____ work?" to which I replied, "Does ____ have to be plugged in? Yes? Then it does not work..". Good times.

4:30 goes by.. still no power! So I decided to make Mint Oreo Truffles with the kids.. I'll post more pictures of those tomorrow after they help me dip them in chocolate. YUM! Tell Hayden for the 25th time to stay out of the fridge.

5ish arrives as does Lock and Marci. Lock was totally :-O when he found out about the lack of power at my house. Or maybe it was the fact that my home was EIGHTY ONE degrees. Either way, he wasn't about to stick around when his beloved Eagles were about to play so they left. Tell Hayden for the 279th time to stay Out of the fridge.

6:30 Drew and Danno both show up and ask "Still????" So we sit. I started a Halloween bow (so cute!) while Drew and Dan played with their phones or something. We wonder if the pizza will show up or if they are part of the 1,200 people without power. Tell Hayden for the 592nd time to stay OUT of the fridge.

7.. Pizza arrives! Woo hoo, they have power. Still slightly bitter my house is so HOT, at the lack of power, and the fact that the power company has changed their estimated repair time from 6:30 to 8:30. Nice. Tell Hade for the 700th time to stay OUT of the fridge.

7:30ish we head outside. At this point it's much cooler.. I walk around the neighborhood with the kids and six other neighbor children while Drew and Danno play basketball. Hayden stayed out of the fridge.

almost 8:30.. we're outside commenting how dark it's getting when Ta-Da.. the lights were on. There was mass cheering in the streets. Or maybe that was just me. Luckily it's half time so Lock and Marci can come on over again and finally eat. Hayden was oh-so-happy to open the fridge. To which we told him to stop waisting electricity and close it. Poor kid.

I won't talk about who won (the cowboys) but then it was bedtime for the kids. Yay!!

Whew, aren't you glad there was only four topics???

The End.

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