Thursday, September 11, 2008



Guess who is getting sick.. AGAIN???

Little Miss Stuffy-Nose was up until 3 last night. And then woke up at 6 to nurse.. I am TIRED today!

She loves to climb. I think she has 4x4 built into her system or something.. there's no pillow or toy too big for her. We have nice sized floor pillows in our basement.. she plows on over them. Pretty impressive for such a lightweight.

Carson was SO funny earlier today.. I had just finished vacuuming and was sitting in the hall talking to him and he turned to the wall. What does he start to do??? Tries to climb it. That's right.. he had one foot on the wall and was trying to climb a la Spiderman. Sadly after about five minutes, he gave up and moved on. hehehe

He misses Mindy (Misty's daughter). He brought me his shoes this afternoon and said, "Go bye-bye in car. Play Minnie outside."

Guess who needed a break after school. :-D She came in and collapsed proclaiming she wasn't ever moving again. About 30 seconds later she was up and chatting away. That's my Aubrey.

I really do love seeing her every day when I take Hade to school. I love watching her with her friends. I like being known as "Aubrey's mom". A lot of her friends make sure to say Hi to me too.. even kids from her preschool class. And apparently kids that don't even know her. They like asking questions about Kaitlyn.. her sling.. her hair bows..

Hayden had a blast playing at his friend Nate's today (he was gone when I had the camera out).. he was SO thrilled to go play there. He's still having a hard time with going to school.

OH! IMPORTANT! Back to Carson.. my crazy adorable boy did NOT run away from me today! Not down the street.. not at school (although he did push a stroller the entire time so I'm sure that helped). Is that a possible glimmer of hope? Please, oh, please!!

What else..

Drew really rocks.

His window motor got stuck earlier today and his window wouldn't go up or down.. when he got home he spent about twenty minutes and fixed the problem. Just like that. :o)

He helped Aubrey with her homework and spelling words tonight.

He sat in Kaitlyn's room with me and we just talked and played with the kids.

He figured out a way a couple of months ago to empty his fishtank without getting water all over the place. Big deal for me because I think it's disgusting at the idea of any type of fish water dripping on the carpet. Tonight he changed the fishtank filters and emptied out some water and filled it back up. No mess. :o)

The man is always doing something.. he hardly ever just sits. I really appreciate that.. he's such a good dad and he really takes care of our family. He works hard at his job and pretty much never misses a day. Ever. He could be half-dead and he'd still go into work. Why? Because providing for his family is that important.

He sends me cute texts during the day. Jokes. Romantic things. Just chit chat.

Smooches to Drew!!!

~i~ to those who were part of 9/11.. we rememberd.

Ok, I think that's all for today.

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