Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holy mess, Batman!

I love fireworks. Like puffy heart them. Even HUGE puffy heart them, as does Drew. (I huge puffy heart him too, by the way)

We're really responsible pyro's. We make sure children are wearing shoes, there's no wind and we leave the hose running. And we clean up after wards as well.

Unfortunately, many of my neighbors feel fine with leaving past explosions in the road. Where my children snatch them up and beg to keep them or play with them. I have a strict No Keeping/Playing with Old Fireworks policy but apparently Carson didn't get that Memo.

Lucky us.

His legs and feet were just as bad.

My poor tub was in very sad condition after his bath.. I'm sure you can imagine the ring of dirt that he left behind!

And because these are some of my favorite pictures, EVER, I have to share these too. In fact, this is WHY I have the strict No Keeping/Playing with Old Fireworks policy .

Last year Aubrey and Hayden were playing across the street. Or so I thought. Instead, guess what they were doing?

That's right, playing with used smoke bombs. Nice.

Wait until you see what they DID with them.

Please excuse the looks that my children were giving the camera .. Drew was still yelling at them and it was probably highly inappropriate for me to take pictures mid-lecture, but I HAD to!

Just wait, it gets better..

Not their smartest day. Which I mean in the nicest way possible.

And if you were wondering, I totally felt like Mom of the Year when I called Poison Control to make sure those two weren't going to have massive deadly toxins absorbed into their skin and lips (yes I said lips). The lady almost laughed several times but was able to control it with proper breathing techniques. Props to her.

I'm hoping next year's interaction is minimal.


  1. You kill me! I love their "I'm getting yelled at" looks, so funny!!!!!

  2. I would never have guessed that used smoke bombs would create pink face paint. I'd have guess black for sure.

  3. Um, these pictures are hilarious. And I agree with Trish--your blog is highly educational. I'd have guessed a smokier color myself.