Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm such a GIVER!!

I've been hearing about how wonderful Hobby Lobby is on a few decorating blogs that I read but also from my friends Janae and Juli. I finally decided I HAD to check it out so on Saturday I went with Aubrey (in Drew's car since the radiator in my van is cracked).

People, it is FAN-TASTIC!

What I loved is that almost everything was 50% off. And from the sounds of it, this is how it always is! That's my kind of store.

The fabric was so cute- their selection of pink and browns were top notch. I had three kinds that I was in love with (I won't admit if I had to wipe drool off of them) but I couldn't come up with projects to use them with that involve a glue gun (as I don't have a sewing machine). I settled with a remnant piece that was under $3.

Aubrey enjoyed the fabric section too. She held up every single shiny piece of fabric they had and begged for me to buy it so she could make it into a dress. She wasn't very happy that I told her my glue gun skills weren't THAT good...

I finally was able to distract her by looking at the ribbon for hair bows and I let her choose two different kinds. I picked up 4 more for her and Kait.

I spent two hours there and that wasn't enough time. I'm not sure my poor brain could have handled much longer anyway. All the potential projects were flying around at lightning speed! It was great.

So, wanna see what I created yesterday?

First up was this cute stool for $15 (of course it was 50% off). Perfect for a time out chair! We used to have this cute chair that even said Time Out but apparently the wear and tear got to it, and it collapsed.
I sprayed the bottom of it with my black spray paint and glued on the whimsical fabric. It looks a little top heavy now and I've been trying to figure out how I can fix that. However, the boys keep asking to go in time out so they can sit on it which is making me thing I think I should just leave it alone.

Next up was Kaitlyn's stuff.

This project was super simple.. I purchased cute scrapbook paper and just cut out the correct size and put it into frames that I already had but was not using. The paper is in front of the glass. You can click on the picture if you want to see it larger.

Next up took a little more effort. I warmed up my cute little pink hot glue gun and grabbed the pink and brown fabric remnant and can you guess what I did with it???? That's right, I wrapped it on a canvas!! Shocker, I know!

I also glued on three different rows of coordinating ribbon. And then I look alligator clips (that I use for hair bows) and lined them in pink and brown ribbon. After digging through my pile of "stuff I'll need one day" I found some pictures of Kait as a newborn and I clipped them to the ribbon.
I'm currently trying to figure out which pictures I need to order so there are a few more current pictures. Overall, I love how it looks!!

I had leftover fabric and the glue gun was still on so I decided to make a throw pillow with the rest of it. Luckily I had purchased the stuffing.. stuff.. last week. I LoVe it! Kait likes her new pillow into her little 'house' and pretend to go to sleep on it.

All together.
Now I just need to paint the shelf that I've had forever to hang up on the right wall so that framed picture of Kait doesn't look so awkward.

Then, I decided I should make a few bows for Kait with the new ribbon.

Did you know if you put velchro (sp?) on the back of a small bow that it holds well in fine hair if it's pulled tight (like in a little tiny pony tail on the top of your head)? And because it's not as heavy as the bows with clips on them, she leaves them in all day. :o) Below, you can see the darker pink bow is turned over and it shows the velchro strip.
The only downfall to this kind of bow is that I can't clip it onto Kaitlyn's ribbon holder.

So THEN, I had to create something for that! Darn it.

I grabbed a wooden frame that I bought forever ago (but never used) and painted the sides of it brown. I grabbed the leftover pieces of scrapbook paper from the above project and my Mod Podge and attacked the frame.

Then I glued on ribbon to the frame. And to the ribbon, I glued on the fluffy stuff that velchro sticks to. Ta-da! Instant bow holder.

It's PERFECT! No loosing these adorable little bows!
Whew. Kaitlyn's lucky I'm such a giver.. this is was all for her. The sacrifices I make for my kids. You know, cause it's not fun for me or anything.

At least this part wasn't: the clean up
At least Kait was willing to take one for the team too.

Instead of playing with the floam...
... she ate it. :-S


  1. You are SUCH a giver. It must have been SO boring and tedious to make all those cute things!

  2. On the bright side, floam comes out about the same way it goes in. (My niece ate mine...hee hee)

    AND SO the way! I had my room in blue and brown but recently went to pink and brown because I could. So cute! However, I had to make it look more "grownup" of