Sunday, July 26, 2009


Kaitlyn's saying all sorts of new words. It's adorable! She has such a cute little voice.

My favorite new word of hers is pop-a-chi aka Popsicle.

Although, I think she might have a problem- she asks for them ALL. DAY. LONG. She says Pleeease and More (and signs it too) all while standing in front of the freezer and patting it in hopes that I'll open it up. All that is in addition to her saying pop-a-chi ever two seconds. She's just so cute when she eats them.. she bites the end off and then holds onto the stick ends with both hands and eats it corn-on-the-cob style.

You know, to be fair, the boys are just as addicted. It's just so hard to say No to this cute little face when it's something as simple as a popsicle.
We have a rule that the kids are supposed to ask before eating them. Unfortunately, the other day, Carson stopped asking and was getting his own and kept leaving the freezer open. Double whammy! I was not very happy about it- hello, it's the FREEZER! Plus our rules!!

But even worse is that Drew caught Carson leaving it open. Drew's pet peeve in the house is when kids have the fridge or freezer open and are just staring in and taking their time. Chip-chop, kids!

So, Drew removed Carson from the kitchen...
..and then locked the fridge.

Carson wasn'treally sure what the lock really meant for his popsicle eating but quickly figured it out.. as did the other kids.Hayden proclaimed it was his Worst Day Ever as he curled up in the fetal position on the couch.

Kaitlyn wailed. And about 2 seconds later she was on the floor rolling around and flailing in protest while sadly saying pop-a-chi.Luckily for Aubrey, she doesn't really care about Popsicles. So she showed off her Demi Lovato look. Did you know if you google How to dress like Demi Levato it apparently it tells you how to achieve that? Yeah, me either. But it entails black nails, white shirt and a black vest (Aubs couldn't find her vest so she selected a black shirt instead).
I'm not sure which was more... um, fun. Having the youngers kids all upset or listening to Aubrey ask over and over and OVER if I like how she looks like Demi and if I think she looks JUST like her (minues the hair) and that she really wishes I would buy her a certain pair of shoes because she's pretty sure that's what Demi would wear???

At least Drew was pleased with his energy saving technique.


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  2. I love it when they start talking! In church today Regan kept saying "sing now" really really really loud!