Monday, July 13, 2009

Takin' it easy.

We like to take our Sundays easy.

In the morning before the kids wake up, Drew and I sneak outside and talk and play on our laptops. We have the window cracked open for the swamp cooler so we can hear the kids when they wake up. I love the time with just Drew.

Hayden likes to ride his bike around, play lego star wars until I make him stop and just be silly.
Aubrey loves riding her bike everywhere too and going on 'adventures' meaning she takes a snack so they can stop and eat it. LOL Her and Hayden like playing on the playground at the school behind our house. I love that I can see them. Works for us.
Carson is just all over the place. Sometimes we have to chase him as he runs off to the playground. Other times he's just busy going in and out of the front door (since he can open it now- SAD FOR ME!). This was his favorite toy of the hour: a yellow matchbox car.
Kait's loves her soy milk. I love her blue eyes.

Isn't her hair bow adorable??? And her cute little skirt that was Misty's daughter's? I heart adorable hand-me-downs.I puffy heart chubby feet.
Drew's idea of relaxing is yard work. I don't complain. Better him than me. Yesterday he was out there for a long time and he even kept track of Carson AND Kaitlyn. They followed him around.

mmmmm... love him.
Hayden also likes to color. The paper is in Drew's office.

Which means Hayden has to get a coin to unlock it.

And he's not always that good at remembering to lock it again (ok, he STINKS at it). Which is a huge problem for Drew.. the kids touch his stuff.

Carson, however, has no problem with it being unlocked.

He can get into mysterious things like Drew's dart blower and darts and stick them into the computer chair..

Or magic markers.
So he can color on himself.

And Kaitlyn.
Including her neck and head.

Which resulted in baths and massive scrubbing.

And a trip to Home Depot to buy a new lock for Drew's office- one that requires a key.

Good day yesterday, good day.


  1. carson and kait look more funny now that I saw them again in pictures lol