Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's mine, it's MINE!

I'd like to go ahead and announce that I have finally won the Mother of the Year award. The rest of you can stop trying.. sorry to break it to you like this. But YAY for me!

Ok, if you want to get technical, the powers that be haven't actually GIVEN me the award.. but really, there's no doubt in my mind... it should be showing up at my door any day.

Allow me to present my evidence. Feel free to click on them to view them in a larger fashion.

Exhibit A:

A fantastically adorable reindeer. I assisted Hayden in the cutting and stapling of antlers (his adorable handprints). I have to admit that I totally giggle when I see the eyes.. they, ahem, look a lot like targets to me. Not exactly the look most deer are shooting for *snicker* *giggle* *hahahaha*

Cute, right? If you were wondering, this is actually Santa's reindeer (not sure which one yet). Can you guess what that means we added on???

First, please tell me you're sitting down. It's that awesome. I cut and taped and hot glued it.. but it was all Hayden's ideas. As you scroll down, I'm quite certain that you'll understand my confidence in my soon to be award.

Exhibit B:


The reindeer has a BODY, WITH LEGS.. and is pulling SANTA'S SLEIGH!!!

Here's another view (the coloring on the back of the paper plate is the skull, if you wondered).

*toot, toot*
That's me tooting my own horn (and my son's).

See??? And aren't you so glad I made sure you were sitting first? :-D

My son was so thrilled with our creation that he even VOLUNTEERED to be in a picture with me, while he was SMILING!

And because I can't resist cuteness, here is one of Kaitlyn (she's 11 months old, btw) and Carson.

Now I just need to set up camp on the front porch while I wait for my award. Hopefully Pluffy will keep me warm. If not, at least I have that blanket...


  1. What a funny post - I can just hear your voice!! Way to go - I wasn't even in the running for Mother of the I will bow down to you.

  2. What fun. We took the kids to see the festival of trees I think that also deserves a mother of the year award.

  3. I am not worthy I guess cause I don't have your talents! Very cute tho! I will have to keep it in mind next time I want my kids to make a mess. ha ha!!