Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday morning was so much fun. It was Early day (kids out at 1:05) so after I dropped Hayden off at preschool I headed over to Kohls. I had some Kohl's Cash that was about to expire and thought it would be the perfect time with only two kids.

Good thing I really nailed it on the head.. we had a great time. I think the highlight was when Carson decided to play Houdini. Have you ever played that game in a department store? It's brilliant.. the child climbs out of the stroller (even though he was stapped in) and runs off while you are turned away for literally a few seconds. Then, as the responsible adult, you run around all crazy like while holding a baby on your hip and pushing an (empty) stroller with the other hand and hollering your child's name out the side of your mouth. You have to do it that way or the other adults might give you looks. Not that I've ever tried.

And then you get to the middle part of the game where you hear him laughing. That means he can see you.. but you can't see him. So then you have to put the baby in the stroller and she screaches like a banshee until you take her back out. You then decide the ground is a much better place for her to sit (I'm sure it's sanitary). Now here's my most FAVORITE part of the game.. you get down on all fours. But it's a little tricky.. as you are doing this, you must look around for people sneaking a peek at you.. becuase I can promise you, they'll try. Once it's clear, you put your head down by the floor and look for your child's shoes (thank goodness you were smart and purchased the kind that light up when he walks).

Bingo! It worked! You must now pick yourself back up, grab the baby and pull the stroller backwards while you are quick like Pocahontas as you approach the child. Now, you must use your cat-like reflexes to capture him. Presuming you followed all of the instructions, Houdini is now in your arms and the game is over.

I didn't even get frustrated or hiss threats out of the side of my mouth or almost cry or anything. It was awesome.

As we headed for the front of the store, my child was now pouting. Turns out he was a bit of a sore loser because I won the game. What can I say.. I rock at games. He got over it quickly though as he perked back up (as two year olds are mysteriously able to do) and pointed and loudly yelled, "It's mom, it's MOM!". I turned to look for myself and saw one of those tall, way too thin manaquins that was wearing a very fashionable outfit (seriously, she didn't even have spitup or runny nose covering the top portions of her shirt!). I smiled, gave him a big fat kiss on his forehead and told him how smart he was because he was correct.. that WAS mommy.

And to think, I almost left him with another lady so she could have a turn.. but then I noticed she was busy playing the game herself.


  1. That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh!!! And shopping with kids is rarely a good idea, or my kind of fun.

  2. I love playing that game. It always gets my heart pumping fast. That is a good thing right. I do hate it when the store doesn't know you are playing a game and come over the PA system saying that we have a lost mommy. Funny thing is is that one day I didn't even know I was playing. I personal think that azalea really hates to lose so she cheats.

  3. I have yet to play. but lucky me I get to play that game with two toddlers one day.

  4. I love to read your blog!! You always say something witty or hilarious and I always laugh and smile!! Thanks so much! I needed that today! YOU ROCK the house as I have heard you and the kids say!! he he
    I am not happy when shopping with kids....for the most part!