Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I've been following a blog where there is a super star mom who does a craft project with her toddler pretty much EVERY DAY. :-O And they use paint.. glitter.. and all the fantastic things I've thrown out over the years because of the mess (I know, mom of the year...). I ooh and awww over her blog.. and think about doing it.. and that's about as far as it goes.

But then she created a glorious snowman where the glitter was contained! I KNOW! So I went to walmart the other night to purchase contact paper only to find none. Boo, hiss. So instead, I purchased glitter glue.

Allow me to show you how we created them.

Take a paper plate (ours were Dora) and turn it over.. we like colorful snowmen (just no yellow.. get it.. yellow snow.. hahaha) so I had each kiddo choose a color, the boys took their shirts off, and they started painting. Oh, and I used our craft tablecloth.. then they can get paint on it or wipe their fingers on it, etc. and there are no worries!

Then, we squirted the glitter glue all over the painted area and spread it around with their brush (there was Red, Gold and Silver).

Next, I poured each child a little bit of sparkle things (I bought a bag of it at Walmart.. has sequence and other shiny things). Here's my tip.. pour it in a coffee filter so it's contained. Back when I worked we used to put snacks in those all the time since they are so cheap.. we do that too. Love it. Anyway, the glitter glue worked out well because the sparkles stuck right to it.

Aubrey and Hade were particular about their designs.
(love Kait blowing raspberries)
Carson was of course very random.
This is what I get when I had them say Cheese.
At this point we cut out hats, twig arms and carrot noses from construction paper. We also cut out circles for the head and decorated the faces (for Carson I put glue dots on the face and he put everything on himself) and then stapled them onto the body.

Then, the children dug through my lovely ribbon and chose their scarf.

Drumroll please.... ta-da!

(did you notice Hade's haircut?? Drew did it!)
Love the rosey cheeks!
Are those cute or what!

I'm definitley going to start doing more of her projects.. the kids loved it!

Credite Due: http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2008/11/let-it-snow.html


  1. I read that blog too...and I have yet to do anything with my girls. I keep telling myself I will, maybe one of these days.

  2. what a great idea!! I guess I need to get my butt off the computer chair and do more crafty stuff! he he I love doing projects with the kids cause they don't have to be perfect!!

  3. Brenda, we should get together with Misty one day during Christmas break and let the kids do something. That would be fun (and crazy!).

  4. Janae, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! LOL

    Today's (or yesterdays.. the reindeer) looks fun.. I might actually attempt that one too.

  5. cute snowmen I am glad it didn't snow. lol

  6. Okay so i checked out that blog. really cute Ideas. we must remember that it is much easier to do crafts with one child than with four.

  7. You know, that's true.. I can work with that. lol

  8. Ha ha - I still use coffee filters for various things. But I can't rememeber if we started to use them because they were cheap or because we were too lazy to go to the lunch to get paper towels.

  9. Lazy? Us??? (ix-nay on the azy-lay.. wink, wink nudge, nudge)

    I'm SURE it's because of the cost.

    However, I will admit that NOW I use them because they are so cheap.