Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it snow!

I finally took aprox. 5000 (give or take a few) pictures off of my camera tonight. I thought I would let you know because I'm quite certain there has been mass confusion on the lack of pictures from me.. but don't worry, I'll gladly post them all over the next couple of days. I'm such a giver!!

These pictures are from the first 'big' snow storm we've had this year. As I glanced out of the window that morning, I really enjoyed how magical everything looked all covered in the fluffy white stuff. My children totally agreed and they began to throw out pleas and dramatic begging to go outside. They even got ready while I was in the other room.. they all had short sleeve shirts, pants/shorts and their snow boots on. Um, not going to cut it. I sighed. Any of you with children understand. (you do, right??) I can't just open the door and push them out.. noooooo.. snow demands much planning and coordination.

I commanded they sit down (and not whine) as they watched the drill unfold. I walked to the closet and grabbed a coat hanger. I then began swinging and poking at the bag high up on the closet shelf which contained the winter gloves, mittens and hats. Oh, the joy, of being short.

As the bag finally fell down, it poured out over my head in pinata fashion. My children joyfully yelled, ran over to my feet and proceeded to scramble about for items that could possibly fit them. Carson had a purple mitten from when Aubrey was his age (I later convinced him to go with a more manly orange). Hayden had a much to big black hat with skulls on it (which came from the bag of winter items that that my mother gave me from long ago.. I believe it was my brother's.. I think she actually gave it to me because skulls aren't very flattering on her). Aubrey was quick enough to reel in her beloved scarf from the prior year.

After ordering the crazy kids back to their spots on the couch, I then produced three snow suits. They protested. I protested back.. if they had any idea how whiny they would sound upon returning to the house, because they were cold, they wouldn't have even attempted. I won.

I assisted the kiddo's with gloves and the zipping of coats and they trampled their way to the door. Ha, I had locked it. I'm surprised they had forgotten that pictures were a requirement before leaving the house.. how do you forget that?? They gladly posed. They love tricks, especially Aubrey.

I love how asking for silly faces = a good time for my children.

I was satisfied and then wished my children well as they went out in the cold.

Kaitlyn and I sat on the couch in our warm pajamas and watched from the front window.

They had so much fun as Drew ran the snow blower and the snow pelted them.. and even knocked Carson over. I giggled as he was stuck a la Christmas Story and couldn't get up.

They really enjoyed playing in the street where the snow mounds were more impressive than the yard.

Even though not a single car drove by (our street isn't busy) I finally decided that a Mother of the Year would stop taking endless pictures of her cute puffy kids and tell them to get out of the road.

Thank goodness the sidewalk, next to the road, was just as fun.

Yay for snow!

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  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel down to the short part. It IS such a chore to get them dressed to go outside. Who knew. I have to fight Paisley to put on each article of clothing. Pants under the snow pants, a sweatshirt, a coat, a hat and gloves. I'm glad you braved the task and they got to go play in the snow!