Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wow, third post in one night!! And yikes it's getting late.. better hurry up.

So... as I've mentioned before, there are a few stray cats in my neighborhood. Four to be exact.. a mom and three kittens.. only they aren't so little anymore. However, at the time, their cuteness and smallness melted my heart and we took pitty and decided to feed them. Hopefully they will become a little bit more friendly and then we can see about catching them to get them fixed.

Anyway.. the Mommy cat had another batch of kittens right around Halloween. I don't know where she lives and in all of my snooping, I haven't been able to find them. So we had no idea if her babies made it or not.. especially being so late in the year and it being cold at night.

Well this afternoon I was downstairs and I hear meowing.. little baby kitty meowing. I ran upstairs and looked around outside and discovered the most adorable little bundle of white fluffiness. In our window well. I had to leave it in there because it was time to pick up Hayden from school.

As we quickly walked back to the window well, we were just in time to see it crawl under the metal part.. and back behind it! As in under the dirt! Darn cats and their curiosity....

My children became very distraught about the idea of their missing kitty and so I became part of the Wonder Pet team (in the episode where they save the baby kitten). I stayed out there an HOUR trying to get it out. It didn't work. I tried twice more.. and finally around 8 (yes, over 4 hours later) I was able to get it out a little so I could grab it and pull it out. Yes, a Hero to all.

Aubrey really liked the name fluffy.

Hade really liked the name puffy.

Meet Pluffy


It's so cute you probably didn't even notice the hideous blanket it's laying on. It's a baby comforter someone gave me forever ago.. you'll never believe this, but it wasn't quite my taste so i never used it. Yes, I'm just now getting it into the donation pile.

And good news, Pluffy has at least one sibling. I saw it tonight on the side of the house.

Tomorrow I'll be able to investigate further.. hopefully I can determine if it's 'everyone' so I can (sniff, sniff) have them all taken away for adoption. Heaven forbid I become the neighborhood's crazy cat lady.... :-D


  1. I really liked the comment about the blanket, it made me smile.

  2. That is a bad kitty!!!! I wish I could have a kitty. DO you remember your cat Morris?? He was kind of a stuck up cat.

  3. You know Janae, if you really liked it I could hurry and grab it back out and wash it.. cause you're totally in luck. There's a matching bumper pad! How cute would it be in your son's room.... you know you want it.... hehehe

  4. I totally remember Morris!! And if I remember right, he was MEAN (he was a stray). Except to Amy.. Amy would hold it in they way that little kids do and it didn't mind at all. lol

  5. I had to giggle as I read the part about the kitty on your old blanket you didn't use. Ha ha that is hilarious! I just hope that the person that gave it to you doesn't have your blog address!! ha ha! And I am totally not a pet or animal person but that kitty looks so cuddly and adorable! Are you going to keep it?

  6. Brenda, thank goodness they don't read it. hehe

    We aren't going to keep it.. The cat we have is mostly an outdoor cat. Drew is allergic to cats (pretty sure Aubrey is too) but for some reason our cat doesn't seem to bother him.

    The fluffy white cat in that first picture sheds a TON.. so pretty sure this kitten would too = no good. And it's so cute, it totally needs a home.

  7. Love the cats - sorry be we can't take it, we have a ginormous cat that we currently house and feed. In addition I generally end up sharing my side of the bed with him. And when I say GINORMOUS - I mean like 18 lbs!! and BIG. :)