Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why do I try??

Kaitlyn is almost one. Her birthday is on the 30th. Would you like to know the number of amazing pictures I have of my four crazy children? Oh I'm sorry, that's right, there isn't one. I have ZERO! Nada! Zilch!

For some reason, I felt today would be a good time to remedy that. I dressed them in their matching outfits (of course they were matching) all while talking to them in an excited manner so they would be just so thrilled to pose together... but apparently I spoke in Charlie Brown Adult fashion and they heard nothing. And further more, it is now official that my children are immune to my silly noises and "look at me" and the endless bribes as I plead for them to sweetly look at me while I capture that moment in time.

Did you need some examples?

Well at least Hayden listened to the excited part..

Then Kaitlyn started crying and apparently threw her head back..
Causing Aubrey to cry.. all while Hade is crossing his eyes..

But go figure, they listened to me once I told them they could be silly.

However will I choose which one to proudly display????

At this point I decided that maybe it would help if we went outside.. you know, take them out of their element and wish for magic... Yeah... didn't work. Kaitlyn was having NONE OF IT!

This one makes me laugh and laugh..

What finally DID make Kaitlyn feel better was for me to hold her (of course). So as I held her, I leaned as far back as I could and clicked away.. resulting in off balanced headshots with zero cropping space. Lovely. Oh, and a graham cracker crumb apparently made it off of my shirt (you know there's always something on my clothes) and onto her face.
Hayden surprised me and actually gave me some great smiles where he didn't pull silly faces.
And just before I took my final picture I asked him to give me the biggest smile he possibly could so I knew how happy he was.. and this is what I got.
I told him he's supposed to smile and he grumbled, "I AM!". Too funny.

All while the above went on, Carson was having the time of his life being outside in the snow. I was a little worried about herding him to the fence and blocking him in.. I was expecting him to run away every two second. Needless to say, I was THRILLED I was when I had him stand by the fence that he STAYED THERE!
Is he cute or what!
Aubrey, my assistant, was the last one up. I was actually surprised how stiff she was.. I should have had her jump around and sing a Hannah Montana song or something. At that point I was tired of holding Kaitlyn and oh well.. still cute. :o)

And to be totally self centered for one moment.. this is actually my favorite picture from today. Miss Aubrey took it herself.. poor girl, I told here where to stand, how to position her body so it would be the right level.. but I just adore these shots!! Yay to me to finally have one!

Now here's a little secret.. I am actually withholding a select few. I *might* be giving some family members that read my blog a few of these pictures for Christmas. Shhhh... don't tell them. Oh wait. They can read. Hm... let's just hope they were busy and only scrolled through the pictures today. Maybe??

I can definitley say that next time I think I need to attempt this whole "group picture" thing, I will just make a better effort to hire my friend Janae (like I should have in the first place). Perheaps her silly noises, pleas and bribes will result in a much better, but still crazy, picture.


  1. What a great group of pics. You did a wonderful job! My kids love to pose - I am just not so good at the picture taking. They stand by the wall (Zane's Idea) and Say CHEESE. It is funny.
    The kids look great! They are getting so big. Where does the time go?

  2. there is a reason why there are no sibling pics on my blog. We tried it just didn't happen. To many crying, cold kids. Love those children place sweaters.

  3. I love them, they are so cute and funny! Bryce and Q have the same sweaters as your boys- I love them! Love the pic of you and Drew holding hands, so precious!