Sunday, December 28, 2008

A year ago..

My baby's first birthday is in two days. TWO DAYS. My thoughts are all over the place so I thought I'd share.

This past year has gone by faster than ever. When I had Aubrey, it definitely took much longer. And I remember so much less! LOL But maybe that's just part of getting older (plus I'm TIRED).

A year ago I was 37 weeks pregnant and was on bedrest for PIH (pregnancy induce hypertension) and the onset of Pre-eclampsia. My thyroid was again over active (like it was with the boys) and I was seeing a Perinatologist and my OB on a regular basis. I was still taking Zofran religiously for my "all day sickness" (aka morning sickness). I hated Diet Coke and anything to do with chicken (I now love Diet Coke again and eat chicken on a regular basis). Can I just tell you how happy I am that I am done having children???? Never again! Baby factory is CLOSED!

This past year has been so hard for me. I have a lot of guilt that I didn't take my kids out to do more fun things (not that we could afford to with gas prices, haha). But even places like the park.. I just couldn't get a grasp on how you manage a child that takes off running in the opposite direction the second you take him out of the van all while managing a nursing baby.. plus the other two. Really, I feel so, so bad. It's not quite as hard now.. sometimes.. so I guess I'll just tell my kids I'm sorry and move on from here. What else can you do. It has to get easier. Right? RIGHT??? :-D

Now, the pictures.

Can you tell I was prego??

Carson didn't have much hair..
Hayden loved posing for the camera back then as much as he does now.
So cute! Still is.

And look at us now. *happy smile*

Seasoned mom's always tell me to treasure the baby times (which I do, ask Drew) but I don't think enough credit goes to the growing up times. I love the baby stages but it's so much fun watching my kids develop into little people. I've been excited as Kaitlyn has hit her milestones. I thought Carson was going to be our last (Kait was a BIG surprise) so I've already done most of the "mourning of each milestone because it's your last baby.." thing (of course I still do that a little bit). Even boxing up her clothes hasn't been too hard, surprisingly. Although maybe that's because she's been so small.. she has a pair of jeans that I put on her when she was a month old that were soo big on her (3-6 month size) but they were so cute.. and they still fit her now. (mental note- take a pic of her in them)

Right now my children are up in Kaitlyn's room playing nicely together. I don't even hear any yelling, roaring or grouchy Aaaarrrggghhhh my matey's. I'm so excited for this next year!! For Kaitlyn to start talking and being able to play with the other kids (and myself and Drew). My kids make me laugh so, so much. I love it! I'm so crazy about my kids.

Anyway, I still can't believe she's almost one... ONE!

Oh wait, I've mentioned that part.


  1. Good bye baby year hello toddler year. To crazy my baby is 19 months only 5 months and then he will be two. I swear I just had him yesterday.

  2. What a great year! I can't believe how quick it has gone by. I look at my boys and I am shocked that they are so big. I could almost be baby hungery. ALMOST!!! Your kids are getting so big and so cute!

  3. Your kids are darling, and I love this account of your life as a mom. The thing your kids will remember is how much you love them, and how much you laughed with them.

  4. How cute Becky! Your kids are really cute and your blog is too!