Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aaaaannnd they're off!!!

Drew has awesome friends.  One of them had extra tickets to the Monster Truck show tonight at the Maverick Center (or whatever it's called now) and invited him and the boys.   We waited to tell Hayden and Carson until just before it was time to go and they were super excited!

Aren't my not-so-serious boys just soooo cute??

Poor Kaitlyn was very sad she wasn't able to go and cried huge crocodile tears.  Luckily Aubrey is playing at a friends house or she probably would have cried too.  Anyway,  I promised Kait ice cream and she was suddenly all better.  Ahhh, the powers of ice cream.

I just love this happy/angry face that Kaitlyn has been doing lately when she's super excited about something. It totally makes me laugh. It reminds me of  Agnes from Despicable Me.

I was going to write something else to wrap this all up but Kaitlyn is trying to hand me a booger.  I'm certain you understand why I'll just end this now.  *gag*

EDITED TO ADD:  Drew's Contribution!

This is how I know he loves me.  He sent a picture AND wording specifically for blogging purposes.  If that doesn't say I Love You.......   lol

Snow cone:  $6
Parking:  $10
Popcorn and Soda:  $15
Watching the boys have fun:  Priceless


  1. Cute! And and love Drew's participation in blogging. It is good to see you blogging again!

  2. How fun is that! Also, thanks for the reality check--the booger, I mean. Good to remember this aspect of young motherhood!

  3. Fun stuff!
    I already blew the blogging challenge.
    Last night at 8 pm I had to choose between blogging and snuggling up with a movie. The movie won. :P

  4. Love the moster truck show!! You should've went with him and got a sitter for the kids :)