Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas, Dec. 2010.

Because I wasn't blogging much last year, I never shared any Christmas pictures.

Now that it's a month later, and I forgot to blog yesterday and I have no idea what to write about, I suppose it's about time to share those!

First up, it needs to be said that we did NOT have a repeat of the previous christmas.  Boy, what a relief that was!  In attempt to avoid another.. disaster.. we had all four kids sleep in Kaitlyn's room.  They were all really excited to have a sleepover and surprisingly, they were asleep by 11ish and didn't wake up until 7:30.

First up is a shot of My Four Crazy Kids.  They're smiling because I told them they couldn't go downstairs to see the tree until I had a semi-decent picture. My threat worked, they look so cute!

Kaitlyn was so surprised to see all of the presents and kept hugging her stocking. After about 5 minutes she finally tore into it.  (can you tell she was the last kid awake and she got into her dress up skirts?)

Each of the kids had asked for a zhu-zhu pet for Christmas and I guess they were pretty good kids this year because Santa gave each of them one in their stockings.  (see? Kait's still hugging hers)

This is a look of happiness.  Not terror.  In case you were wondering.

Hayden was very happy to get a new basketball. 

Hayden really, really, really wanted a new Lego Pharaoh set and being the awesome mom that I am, I found it.  Happiness for $6?  I'll take it!  Actually, Hayden will take it.  haha

Carson was very happy to have Iron Man accessories to compliment his red snow boots and marker drawings on his chest.

Grandma and Grandpa McCaskey gave my kids a wii game, can you tell they were super excited to get it??

Kaitlyn totally loved opening each of her presents.  

I gave Drew a new drum pedal for Rock Band.  Don't laugh. This makes pedal #4 for him and was greatly needed and appreciated.  He plays hard!

I'm a giver and didn't want Drew to feel pressured to buy me something amazing so I bought myself makeup.  My favorite brand, Urban Decay, had an eyeshadow palette that they sold a year ago but it was limited edition and by the time I went to buy it, it was sold out everywhere.  I happened to be on facebook where they announced they they were selling a limited amount (which sold out in under an hour).  So, I bought it and then called Drew that he was done shopping for me.  Win/Win

mmmmmm soooooo pretty!

Here's Aubrey modeling her new bathrobe that she really wanted and her Tokidoki bag.

Hayden enjoyed assembling his Lego sets.

Carson was in heaven playing with the 10,000 lego guys (that pile to the side of his is just lego guys).

Kaitlyn loved having so many pink things.

We had a great Christmas.  I hope you did too, even if it is a month past due.

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  1. My goodness you're all spoiled! :) :) :) You deserve it though :) :) :)