Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, the excitement!

Today, because there was no school, my kids were hoping to go to our local fitness center to play in their super fun play area.

But, apparently they were closed.

Soo...... we resulted to a trip to the gas station.


The kids happily piled into the van and discussed what they wanted to look at in the gas station.  It was actually very comical to hear them chattering.

My children spilled out of the van after parking and made a beeline for the Redbox machine. 

Aubrey happily took charge in the official movie decision.  She used her excellent persuasion skills to convince the boys to not get a rough and tumbling movie (aka The Last Airbender) and instead go with Ramona and Beezus.  She's got skills!

We spent a half hour in the gas station.  Oh yes, we did.  I didn't rush them at all and just followed the little kids around as they chose their treats- something they very rarely get to do.  Aubrey went with a Nerds Rope, Hayden chose skittles and Carson and Kaitlyn happily shook their Nerds.  How those two managed to get a sugar rush without even opening up their boxes, I have no idea.

I then also let the kids each choose their own Icee (or however you spell it).  You would have thought it was almost as good as Christmas!  Maybe next year instead of buying the kids presents, I should just get them a Maverik gift card.

They even happily SHARED!!  Simply amazing.

The kids declared this their best day ever (that phrase never gets old!) and they can't wait for another day off from school.  Sounds good to me!


  1. It was closed? Weird. I am glad you had such fun at Maverick. And yes skip Christmas presents next year Ü

  2. Well I called 3 times and no one answered. I went on the back roads to get to Maverik so I guess I really don't know if they were actually closed, just presumed they were. LOL