Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Candy Factory.

This morning felt like I was in some kind of bizzaro world.

While I was busy being mother of the year and chatting on facebook about possible names for a makeup blog (leave a comment if you have a suggestion!), Carson and Kaitlyn were happily playing.  No really, they were happy.  There was very little disagreements or arguing.  They just laughed and played.  They shared.  SHARED!  I was going to tell Drew about it but there's always that rule about how you don't speak about wonderful things that happen with your children or else it immediately stops.  Prime example being when they finally sleep all night in their own bed.  Yes, I'm aware I just jinxed myself and will probably have three children in my bed tonight.  :-S 

Once it was time to get Carson dressed for preschool, I went downstairs to let him know.  I suppose I was also curious as to what magnificent activity it was that resulted in such enjoyment.

My answer?  A Candy Factory.  I know, I'm sure you were thinking Toy Store but no... a candy factory. Yes, there is one single piece of candy in that pile.

Allow me to take you on a tour through their factory.

-gray marker lid
-Dominos magnet
-C3PO head
-two 'maps'
-three CD/DVDs
-shot glass (I'll go ahead and let Drew be Father of the Year for that one, I'd hate to be selfish!!)
-pencil sharpener
-red pillow
-bakugan instructions
-a piece of taffy that no one will eat
-pair of slippers.....

 -pair of slippers... which belong to DREW... with HIS ROCK BAND DRUM STICKS in there *and* they are FILLED WITH BBQ BAKED LAYS!!!  Yes, the other slipper was in identical condition.  (no wonder he doesn't have nice things)

-couch pillow
-butterknife (???)
-Batman blanket
-blue pillow
-princess barbie
-two remotes (also a huge no-no.. Drew's biggest pet peeve is not finding the remotes which is why we keep them out of reach for children.  I don't want to know how they managed to get both of them,)

-bag of bbq baked lays
-IKEA gold vase aka Indiana Jones treasure
-snowflake paper weight
-hot wheels car
-batman figure (not pictured)
-roll of Christmas wrapping paper (not pictured)

And that's it!  It's just that simple to create your very own candy factory! 

If any of you try, be sure to take pictures and let me know how it worked out for you!!  When you're finished, head on over to help me clean it all up, please??  THANKS!!


  1. Awesome! At least you have creative kids. How long did it take to put everything back in their places? But it was so worth it right? I mean the chatting on Facebook time. The same thing happens to me!

  2. I love the new feel of my slippers quite an improvement!! lol

  3. Very nice! I hope they don't eat the chips out of Drew's slippers :) :) :)