Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm back in the running!!!

I just thought I would be nice to all of my other mommy friends and warn them that I am officially back in the race for this year's Mother of the Year award.

This afternoon after I had dropped Carson off at preschool and I was leaving the parking lot, I glanced over at the School's lunch room door.  To my surprise, there was Hayden with about six of his friends and other miscellaneous children that I did not recognize.  I hardly ever get to see him!  Yes, I look for him every day. 

Naturally, I slammed on my brakes (although I probably wasn't going more than like 10 miles an hour, right?).

I rolled down my window and started hollering Hayden's name.

He didn't hear me.

So I frantically waved while yelling his name a few more times.  You know, cause waving makes you louder.

All of the other children heard me this time.  They either waved or just stared.  I waved back and smiled my biggest smile.

Still nothing from my second born though, he kept blabbing to a friend that was staring at me.

Finally after belting out, "Haaaayyyyyyyyddeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn!!!!", he turned towards the parking lot with a very confused look.  Who in the world would yell his name during lunch time?

Oh that's right, his awesome mom.

(picture not taken today)

And because he's such a great kid he yelled back, "Oh Hi Mom!  Love you!" and then ran off to play with his friends.

Lucky for you, the readers, this story was much more interesting than when I was standing in my kitchen this morning with Carson and Kaitlyn and we saw Aubrey playing out in the field during recess.  She heard me the first time we yelled and then ran off.  Bor-ring!

Anyway, I sure hope I get the award this year.  I will definitely be putting in a lot of effort, I can promise you that!!

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  1. I didn't tell you that Hayden asked me for ice cream late at the dinner party, and I hesitated, but then said YES. So I pulled myself up from the couch, and we walked into the kitchen together, and he said, "You're nice." What a sweet kid. And what a great mom!