Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sticker Princess Tutorial by Kaitlyn

Would you like to look like a Sticker Princess but you really aren't sure how to go about it?  Or you're worried that you won't be able to pull off this glamorous look in public? 

Well, I have a treat for you!  Kaitlyn is an expert in this department and was kind enough to do a picture tutorial for us today!

First, choose a very pretty princess sticker, preferably with glitter or sparkles.  It can be difficult to pull the sticker off of the backing but trust us, it's worth the effort!

Next, you will want to hold the sticker with your fingers and put the sticky side towards your face or body.

This part can be tricky and don't let it intimidate you.  As a hint, you may need to use a mirror for your first few applications!  What you need to do, is quickly smash the sticker on your face.  Don't worry about any hair in the way.. you can rip that part off later!

Don't be afraid to add on a few layers.  Less is NOT more!  More IS MORE!
Kaitlyn's best advice to looking like a Sticker Princess is to always, always wear a smile.  If you own it, you can wear ANYTHING!!!! 

See?  You were so busy looking at her happy little Sticker Princess face that you didn't even notice all fourteen stickers! 

We really hope this tutorial was helpful and showed you just how easy it can be to look amazing!  Feel free to write in the comments if you have any questions!  I'll ask Kaitlyn and get right back to you!!


  1. She is the cutest tiny little person I know.

  2. So, the trick is to pull the hair out of the sticker AFTER it is placed? I see. Now I, too, can be a sticker princess!

    (She is too cute!)

  3. I agree with Kaitlyn that more is more, especially with regard to stickers. Well done. More tutorials!

  4. Very cute! Yesterday must have been "sticker day". Mindy gave me one that said "Fabulous" and "You Rock". I proudly wore them all day! Just not on my forehead :) :) :)