Monday, January 10, 2011

I have a surprise for you!

I have a surprise for you.

That's typically a phrase that most people love to hear.  A surprise!  It fills you with hopeful excitement and curiosity.  Your heart flutters and your mind races at all the glorious possibilities.

For those that don't care for that phrase, it's usually because there is an immediate wall of caution that is put up as you feel leery of the unknown.  A surprise.  Great (insert sarcasm).  *gulp*

When you are at the end of your shower and your four and three year old barrel into the room, tearing back the shower curtain, and announce  "I have a surprise for you!" there is definitely no heart flutters going on.  It's more like Sigh.  This is why I don't have nice things. 

I mean sure, they obviously had a great time!  But at what cost???  Being the mom of four children, I no longer rush out to access the damage.  What's done is done.  I attempted to enjoy the rest of my shower.  Afterwords, I fearfully went to the kitchen, eyes mostly closed.  At their request, of course.

Much to my relief, they had only rearranged my kitchen and set up shop for their own restaurant, brought out lots of random toys (which are still there, hours later), used half a roll of tape and sacrificed a small tree.

 Kaitlyn was ready to take my order!  Complete with green marker in her hair.

Carson is showing me one of the Menu's he taped up.  mmmmm a Robot Spaceship!  Who doesn't love to eat those????  Awesome selection at this restaurant.

At least my children know me well and that I really like having options.  That's 27 of them taped up, not that I counted or anything.

I'm starting to think I should shower at night.  After they are in bed...


  1. LOL It could have been worse. So much worse. ;)

  2. I'm curious what did you choose to eat? lol

  3. OMG! Honey, you are so, so, so, so, funny I love reading your blog at work makes me laugh!!!

  4. I love it! At least you have options (27 to be exact). Did you have to tip them? ha ha :) :) :)