Monday, January 24, 2011

Slow motion.

Today my husband sent me on a wild goose chase for solar lights (for the side of our house, he hearts ambient lighting).

As we entered the zoo (aka Walmart), I was drawn towards the McDonalds.  Their advertising knew the way to my heart- 44oz of delicious diet coke for $.99??  SOLD!  I also decided that I would get Kaitlyn a happy meal.  They were only $3 and I hardly ever buy them (hello Wendy's dollar menu!) and I was pretty sure she would like getting a toy.

There were two people in line in front of us.  A grocery cart sat to the left, full of groceries, but no apparent owner.  An elderly lady, who was waiting for her order, was to our right.  She had parked herself up against the Happy Meal toy display. 

Have you ever had a time in your life where everything suddenly goes into slow motion?   My first experience with that was when I was 9 years old.  I had practiced the piano enough over the summer that I was able to choose several reward items from my piano teacher's 'store'.  I remember one item was a Japanese hand fan and one item was a glass bottle of Dad's Rootbeer.  After my lesson, I approached my mom's car to show off my treasures when suddenly my firm grasp failed me.  Everything was in slow motion as the bottle fell through the air and then shattered as it collided with the cement.  It felt like minutes yet there was nothing I could do to stop the motion. 

Kaitlyn and I took notice of the actual toy display at the same time- the featured toys were Monster Trucks and My Little Pony.  In that instant, life once again slowed down to a crawl.  Kait's eyes lit up, the biggest smile popped up on her face and she attempted to pump her crazy little legs as she launched forward.  I believe the word that I heard bellow from her mouth was, "POOOOONNNIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!"

I was not able to stop the motion that was my daughter.  My mouth slowly dropped open as she approached the area and my mind started racing- just what exactly did she think she was doing?   Hello, that lady was in the way of the ponies and..... oh, NO! 

Kaitlyn met her destination and weaseled her way between the display and the back of the elderly lady.  But nooooo, that wasn't good enough for her.

With wild excitement, my adorable, petite, pink-wearing three year old little girl, thrust out her arms and used all twenty six pounds of herself to PUSH THE LADY OUT OF THE WAY!

Oh yes, SHE DID! 

The lady stumbled forward and quickly looked behind her.  She was visibly startled to see such a little person behind her. 

As life suddenly caught back up to speed, I turned about 7 shades of red (possibly bordering on purple) and I frantically began apologizing.  I was horrified, people, HORRIFIED!  Who in the world pushes old people??  Apparently very young people that love My Little Pony do that.  I crouched down (no kneeling on McDonald's floor, that's just gross!) and hissed that we do NOT push and she needed to say she was sorry, RIGHT NOW.  My hissing was drowned out by Kaitlyn's jumping and yelling about all the cute ponies.  She was simply to excited and there was no way to get her to snap out of her pony zone.  To be honest, I don't think she even actually realized what she had done.


I apologized more.  The lady never said much and after receiving her order she found somewhere to sit.  I made the call to sit in the opposite area of her.  I think that was just best for everyone. 

What else can I say, the girl loves her ponies.

As a side note, I think I'll be waiting quite a few years before I take her out to shop with me on Black Friday.  Can you even imagine how ugly that could get?????


  1. Thank you for the daily laugh. I can totally see Kait running and pushing some old lady out of the way. SOOOO funny!

  2. So funny!!! And I am a bit sorry.

  3. Oh thats nothing. Josh stripped to just his underwear at Walmart and Eli fell out of the car seat into the back of the basket thankfully full of food all in the same day.

    Never say in your mind aw this walmart trip is going good, because when you do all hell breaks loose.

    None the less I would be horrified if that happened to me to.
    Like I always say we get to embarrass them when they are older because the embarrass us when they are young. It is called pay back.

  4. You should take her on Black Friday! She would be to your advantage to getting items before anyone else!

  5. Stinkin old people standing in front of the toys :) I agree, can I borrow her for Black Friday?? She can help me get what the kids need!! :) :) :)