Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ultimate Fighter.

My kids have a new favorite game called Ultimate Fighter.

Yeah...  I'm super appreciative of Drew for showing them some specific techniques.  

Here's my crew and their friend Jake posing prior to fighting.  :-S

Here they are when I asked them to move around a little.  (Wow, don't ever cross Aubrey! Yikes!)

Thanks again Drew for teaching them an awesome childrens activity!  :-S


  1. All you need now is a big cage and video for your own ultimate fight!

  2. Aubrey has more of a bark than a bite! She's still cute! This is why we don't have nice things! lol

  3. I just want to know how the house looks after the fight! ha ha And if you're able to get the blood out! :) :) :)