Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Resume.

One must always be prepared for things in life.

I believe part of that is keeping your resume updated.

Under accomplishments, next to my Mother of the Year award, I have Guitar Hero listed.

Well, technically it's Rock Band that I actually play.. but being a Guitar Hero is so much more fun to say!

Think I should include pictures??  That's not overkill, is it?

I would attach these that I took last night.  And between you, me and the lamp post (and facebook), what makes these even better is the fact that they're all Linkin Park songs. I LOOOOOVE Linkin Park!  Every Tuesday, new songs are available for download through xbox.  Some people go to movies.. Drew and I buy Rock Band songs.  It works for us.  ANYWAY, so these were played maybe two times each before I took these pictures.. not too shabby of scores for being my second/third time playing them.  :-D

Awwww yeah, 100% on Expert!!

 This one is #80 on the leaderbaord!  That's awesome!

5 gold stars is such a lovely sight to see!!!
WoOo HoOo!!!!!!!!

Told ya I'm a Guitar Hero!!!!!!  Not that you ever would have doubted me.

After all, it's on my resume!

(p.s. how rockin' are Drew's drum scores???  How the man does it, I'll never know!)

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  1. I still think you two should enter one of those contest things. People would be WOWED!!! You're for sure meant for each other! :) :) :)